JAM – MKD match report

20th April 1998, ??.?? CET
HT 0:2
Goals: 69′ (pen) Paul Hall – 17′, 45′ Gjorgji Hristov
Stadium: Azadi in Tehran 
Attendance: 60.000
1. Warren Barrett (GK) (C) 1. Petar Miloshevski (GK)
2. Durrant Brown 2. Dragan Veselinovski out 87′
4. Linval Dixon out 28′ 3. Goran Lazarevski
Ian Goodison out 78′ 4. Ljupcho Markovski (C)
Dean Sewell 5. Nedjmedin Memedi
Peter Cargill 6. Ljubodrag Miloshevikj
Christopher Dawes 7. Vlatko Goshev out 46′
Andrew Williams 8. Djevdet Shainoski out 46′
Ricardo Gardner 9. Gjorgji Hristov out 83′
O’Neil McDonald out 46′ 10. Viktor Trenevski out 46′
Onandi Lowe out 46′ 11. Artim Shakjiri
Winston Griffiths in 46′ 12. Gogo Jovchev (GK)
Gregory Messam in 78′ Blagoja Milevski
22. Paul Hall in 28′ Igor Gjuzelov in 46′
Marcus Gayle in 46′ Zoran Vasevski in 87′
unknown Kire Grozdanov in 46′
unknown Denis Trajkovski in 83′
unknown Milan Stojanoski in 46′
René Rodrigues Simões Brazil Gjokica “Gjoko” Hadjievski Macedonia
Referee: Gholam Ali Hamirad 
Assistants: unknown, unknown 
Fourth official: unknown

NOTE: This was a semi-final match of the 1998 LG Cup hosted by Iran.

If you have any information that may help us fill all the missings, please contact us.


Macedonian second goal:

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