The collision that caused Ostoja's substitution; photo:

Stjepanovikj escapes serious injury

The collision that caused Ostoja's substitution; photo: ekstaklasa.tvOstoja Stjepanovikj had to be substituted with a jaw injury moments after a collision with his teammate Łukasz Burliga; although he seems to have escaped serious injury.

During Saturday’s game between Ruch Chorzów and Wisła Kraków, Ostoja Stjepanovikj started in defensive midfield for the visitors and took part until the 40th minute when he collided with teammate Łukasz Burliga.  Stjepanovikj went down and bled from the lip as he then went to the sidelines where the trainers worked to stop the bleeding.  The Wisła manager did not substitute Stjepanovikj at that time, with halftime being only minutes away.  However, Ostoja was bothered by the jaw pain and he was eventually replaced at the start of the 2nd half by Michał Nalepa.

The collision occurred when Łukasz Burliga went up high to win a header against his opponent, but he didn’t notice that Stjepanovikj was near, and his buttocks then collided with the face of Ostoja.

Based on reports after the game, though, it seems that Stjepanovikj was able to escape serious injury as the Wisła manager did not seem overly concerned that Ostoja will miss any time.  As a matter of fact, he should be available to the team for its next game against Legia Warszawa on 6 October. 

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