Stjepanovic returns to first team of Wisła Kraków

Ostoja Stjepanovic made the matchday squad for Wisła Kraków’s first team on Monday after a long absence.

For the first time in nearly nine months, Ostoja Stjepanovic was back on the first team of Wisła Kraków for an actual game. The reason for his long absence was a torn ACL.

In Monday’s league encounter between Jagiellonia Białystok and Wisła Kraków, Stjepanovic found himself among the seven substitutes on the bench. He would stay there as he was an unused substitute. Wisła Kraków took home a point after drawing 2:2.

The players on the bench

The 30-year-old Stjepanovic has a contract until this summer, so this is an important time for his future. If Wisła Kraków does not feel confident in fielding him over the next couple of rounds, then he will likely be allowed to leave in the summer. So, it’s crucial that he gives the club a reason to extend his stay beyond this season. We shall see how things turn out over the coming weeks.

Ostoja warmed up briefly, but did not get a chance

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