Stankov signs extension with Viborg

Aleksandar Stankov has penned a contract extension with Viborg that will tie him to the Danish club until the summer of 2017.

After his good performances for Viborg during the first half of the season, the Danish club has rewarded Aleksandar Stankov by signing him to a contract extension until the summer of 2017.  Stankov’s original deal with Viborg was set to expire this summer, but the two sides reached a deal to keep the striker under contract until 2017, extending his deal for 3 years.

This move was not a surprise since Aleksandar told us in an recent interview with that he was in talks about a new deal with Viborg.  Finally, both sides reached a mutually acceptable solution on Thursday.

Stankov collected four goals in 17 league appearances during the first half of the season.

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