Skënderbeu in talks to acquire Kire Ristevski

Kire Ristevski (R in black); photo: Bylis FacebookThe president of Skënderbeu, Ardian Takaj, told newspaper “SportEkspres” that his club is in negotiations with Bylis to acquire Macedonian defender Kire Ristevski.

Kire Ristevski is a 23-year-old CB who currently serves as the captain of Albanian top division side Bylis.  However, after three years with Bylis, he is looking for a new opportunity.  Bylis has consistently been a mid table team, while Skënderbeu has won the past three league titles and also finds itself at the top of the standings this season as well.

Skënderbeu and Bylis have begun talks about a player exchange involving Ristevski.  For their captain, Bylis would want either Mario Morina or Pero Pejić from Skënderbeu.

The Bylis president, Besnik Kapllanaj, confirmed the report, telling “SportEkspres” the following, “We have started talks with the president of Skënderbeu about an exchange of players, given that he is interested in Ristevski, who has been a part of our team for three seasons.  An exchange agreement could include either Mario Morina or Pero Pejić.  We are interested in Morina because he is an Albanian player and after all only four foreigners are allowed on the field at the same time, while Pejić would be good for us because we could use a bigger striker.  In the coming days there will be more concrete developments.”

Ristevski was born in Bitola and began his career with hometown club Pelister.  Since 2009, he has been playing in Albania.  Kire spent one season with Elbasani before then moving the next year to Bylis.  Now, it appears he may be headed to another team within that country in Skënderbeu.

Ristevski is one of the most capped players for the Macedonian U21 national team.  He made a total of 22 appearances, which is tied for third most in the history of the U21 national team.  Besides CB, he also played some LB while representing Macedonia U21.

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