Sileks win 2021 Macedonian Cup (Video)

The 2021 Cup final will be remembered not only for being played without spectators, but also as the most boring ever.

photo by FFM: the Sileks players lift the Cup trophy


Akademija Pandev and Sileks showed why both fought to avoid relegation this season. Wrong passes, little active play, minor chances, both did not deserve the trophy today.

Probably the best chance came in the 64th minute when Mario Krstovski fired a good shot from the edge of the box, but missed the target.

In the 85th minute Sileks missed a winner when Dejan Tanturovski sent a cross over the keeper, but Filip Duranski fell short on the far post and missed the ball despite being in front of an empty net.

Marjan Radeski had an effort in the stoppage time, but his shot went near the far post.

Since none managed to find the back of the net in the regular time, extra time followed.

The extra time brought more brave play from both sides, more easily creating chances, but still no goal so penalties had to decide the winner.

In the shootout, Sileks was superior by scoring 4 penalties to 3 to claim the Cup.

The penalty shootout:

It is the 3rd Cup title for Sileks in their 4th final with their last being in 1997. Akademija Pandev lost their 2nd final as they had celebrated in their debut attempt two years ago.

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