Sileks and Shkupi players may get a look; photo:

Domestic players to face foreigners of MKD league

Sileks and Shkupi players may get a look; photo: aberdzija.comOn December 12, a select group of Macedonian players will square off against the best foreigners in the domestic league.

Igor Angelovski came up with the idea of a select group of Macedonian players, based domestically, to face the best foreigners in the Macedonian league. This match will be played on December 12, or several days after Round 18 concludes in the First League. As a reminder, the winter break usually follows Round 18, but a number of players, meaning the guys that get selected, will be asked to postpone their vacation plans for a couple of days.

Angelovski will manage the Macedonian players, while Shkendija’s Shpëtim Duro will coach the foreigners. On the website of the Macedonian federation, Angelovski said that no current national team player that is based in Macedonia will be called up. That excludes Vladica Brdarovski, Milovan Petrovic, Nikola Gligorov and Bazhe Ilijoski. Meanwhile, guys like Marko Jovanovski, Igor Aleksovski and Viktor Angelov, all three late call-ups last month, may still get a look since they actually didn’t get a chance to play in the Montenegro and Lebanon friendlies. The goal of this idea is for Angelovski to possibly unearth some gems that could help the national team in the future.

For the foreign players, Shkendija manager Shpëtim Duro will be in charge. He will be responsible for selecting the players. Some foreigners may choose to reject the invitation, but that will be up to them.

Two days later, on December 14, the group selected by Angelovski will play another game. Their opponent on that occasion will be the U21 national team led by Blagoja Milevski. Of course, the U21 side will also not be at its full strength. Mid-December is not a FIFA international date, so U21 regulars who plays abroad (guys like Gjoko Zajkov, Enis Bardhi, David Babunski, Daniel Avramovski, etc) will not be available. They may come voluntarily if the leagues where they play are in their winter break.

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