Round 2

Preview: Second League Round 1

Round 2The 2011/12 season of the Second League starts today! With three debutants and two clubs who are making comebacks after a while, we should witness an interesting season.

All games are scheduled for today.  Most interesting should be in Kocani where Osogovo after 7 years in the Third League is finally back and will face Belasica who every season has promotion ambitions but fails to achieve that.  Another club is making a comeback after so many years. Korab from Debar needed 11 years to get back and in the first game after a while is going away in Bitola to face the famous Pelister, who once again got relegated.  Promotion favorites Tikves will welcome Pobeda Junior, a new club formed last years as a ghost of the original Pobeda who was banned from FIFA after fixing a game in the Champions League qualifications.  Also, it should be interesting in the game between Treska who is a debutant in the Second League and Miravci who last season got promoted but sold its place to Vardar.  The other debutant is Rufeja from the village of Miletino, a club formed in 2009.

Gradski Stadium in Kavadarci, 17.00 CET
Tikves vs Pobeda Junior
Referee: Marjan Eckoski (Ohrid)

Nikola Mantov Stadium in Kocani, 17.00 CET
Osogovo vs Belasica
Referee: Simeon Stefkov (Skopje)

Avtokomanda Stadium in Skopje, 17.00 CET
Skopje vs Rufeja
Referee: Dalibor Gjorgjevski (Kumanovo)

Pod Tumbe Kafe Stadium in Bitola, 17.00 CET
Pelister vs Korab
Referee: Darko Stojcevski (Skopje)

Vlazrimi Arena in Kicevo, 17.00 CET
Vlazrimi vs Drita
Referee: Petar Veljanovski (Bitola)

Lokomotiva Stadium in Skopje, 17.00 CET
Lokomotiva vs Rinija
Referee: Zarko Dimeski (Prilep)

Gjorce Petrov Stadium in Skopje, 17.00 CET
Treska vs Miravci
Referee: Aleksandar Angelov (Kocani)

SRC Biljanini Izvori in Ohrid, 17.00 CET
Ohrid Lote vs Euromilk Gorno Lisice
Referee: Josip Barton (Tetovo)

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