Pandev: I am definitely done with national team

Goran Pandev; photo: uefa.comIn an interview with TV Channel ’24 Vesti’, Goran Pandev has reaffirmed that his decision to retire from the national team is final.

Goran Pandev, who is back in his hometown of Strumica during the short break in Serie A for the Christmas/New Year period, conducted an interview with Macedonian TV Channel ’24 Vesti’ on Monday when he reaffirmed that he will not reconsider his decision to retire from the national team. 

Pandev actually mentioned that he has been thinking about retiring from the national team for years.  Goran stated that a big decision like retirement is not made suddenly, but after talking to his family and getting fed up with how certain things were done, he decided to retire from the national team. 

He made the following quote, “My decision to retire was sure to be criticized, and I expected that, but this is not just a sudden decision.  It was a tough call to be made. I talked to my family and simply got fed up about some things that were happening.”

Furthermore, Pandev took a jab at FFM by saying that he could write an entire book about issues that have faced the national team during his 12 years of wearing the Macedonian colors.

Goran did say that he has talked with new manager Boshko Gjurovski.  He wished Gjurovski good luck and hopes that he will achieve better results.  Pandev declared that Gjurovski may face a rude awakening since he has spent his entire coaching career outside of Macedonia, and he doesn’t know the conditions within the country.  Thus, Pandev declared that FFM must focus on improving the infrastructure before Macedonian football can move forward.

Lastly, Pandev was asked who has the potential to replace him as a leader of the national team.

He answered, “With the start of every new qualifying tournament, we just fool each other to think that we are going to qualify. We have to be realistic and lower down the expectations. We do not even have the basic infrastructure and conditions for normal football, and yet we want to be a part of a European or World Cup Championship.”

Pandev closed by saying, “Macedonia has good young players. (David) Babunski‘s generation has the possibility to do something for the football in Macedonia. He is under contract for one of the best football clubs in the world, Barcelona, and slowly we should start building the team around him.”

You can watch the complete interview, done in Macedonian, by clicking here.

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