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Official: Novaci replaces Mladost

The FFM confirmed what everybody already knew, that Novaci will take over the place of Mladost in the new season of the Second League.

Today the Football Federation of Macedonia officially confirmed that Novaci will participate in the 2016/17 season of the Second League. Due to financial problems, First League relegated side of Mladost from Carev Dvor failed to meet the minimum requirements for participating in the Second League, so one place was free for another club. Even at the draw for the schedule Mladost did not participate and no team was drawn instead of them.

The logo of Novaci

As FFM announced, they took into consideration all three of the defeated sides in June’s play-offs for filing the Second League: Goblen Junior, Vardari and Novaci. The last side met every requirements, while the other two only half, so FFM officially proclaimed Novaci as promoted. It is most fair that the place went to Novaci as they failed to win promotion through the play-off as they were eliminated on penalties by ljubanci, while the other two were defeated in the two games.

Novaci gets back in the Second League after playing two seasons in the Third League South-West. Actually, they are one of the clubs that have spent the most seasons in the Second League as this will be their 20th.

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