All stadiums will be empty this weekend

No fans allowed in top two leagues this weekend

Due to security fears and planned protests, the committee in charge of organizing matches has decided that no fans would be allowed this weekend.

Every single fixture in the Macedonian first and second leagues this weekend will be played without the presence of fans. That decision was reached today by the Macedonian federation after talks with the Ministry of Interior. There are concerns that protests for the weekend may enter the stadiums, causing postponements and ugly scenes. Furthermore, the clubs do not have the security personnel to deal with large groups of rowdy people.

The attendance numbers are brutal in Macedonia, so not allowing fans this weekend will not change much. Besides Shkendija, who averages several thousand people per game, the other clubs are all below 1,000 in average attendance. There is just lack of interest, primarily among the general public. It seems the only people who go to games these days are fan groups, but even those numbers are declining.

All stadiums will be empty this weekend

Obviously, Vardar could win the league title this Saturday if they beat Renova at home. The bad part about the FFM ruling is that Vardar’s fan group “Komiti” would not be present to witness that celebration. However, many “Komiti” members are fed up with the Vardar players, and their presence in games has been declining over the past couple of weeks. They despise manager Sergey Andreyev who they view as being incompetent, and have been critical by the behavior of certain players.

Now, some fans may still sneak in to watch their favorite teams. For instance, this past Tuesday, no fans were allowed for the Shkendija vs. Vardar game in Kichevo, but hundreds still found a way to watch the match from the stands. It will depend on the capability of each home team to prevent the entrance of fans.

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