NL: Hara-kiri in Tbilisi (Video)

An unlucky own goal by Miovski and a mistake by Velkovski combined with clumsy finished resulted in Macedonia being defeated 2:0 away to Georgia in the Round 5 of the Group D in League C of the UEFA Nations League.

photo by FFM: Elmas during the match

After the several cancellations due to injuries such as Churlinov, captain Ristovski, Ademi and Ethemi, Milevski opted for Dimitrievski between the posts, Alioski, Velkovski, Musliu and Zajkov in the defense, Elmas, Spirovski, Bardhi and Ashkovski in the midfield and M. Ristovski and Miovski up front. Since yesterday Trajkovski was having fewer, but he made it to the bench.

Macedonia started the match by controlling the possession, although it seemed that it is actually Georgia’s tactics to give the ball to the Macedonians. Georgia was in better position having more points and a 3:0 win in Skopje, so it was Macedonia who had to get an early goal and actually win the match with a score bigger then 3:0.

Despite having the ball, Macedonia lacked aggressiveness in the attack. Elmas was the most active, on several occasion making nice moves between the defense, but none resulted into a goal. Once such occasion was when he moved nicely and passed to Spirovski who attempt a good shot, but not enough to defeat Mamardashvili.

For half an hour the hosts never really threatened Dimitrievski, but then started to play more aggressively. In the 34th minute Aburjania put on a great shot and forced Dimitrievski to make a tough save for a corner kick. After the corner Kvaratskhelia from right tried to serve a teammate in the box, the ball hit Miovski and went into the goal.

Georgia continued the pressure but until the break did not double the lead.

The second half started more actively by both sides. Elmas, Bardhi, Miovski, Alioski and M. Ristovski tried in the opening minutes after the break, but the result did not change.

The 64th minute was Velkovski mad a mistake. His pass went straight into Zivzivadze who took the ball, served Kvaratskhelia who on empty goal doubled the lead. After that it was clear that Georgia will win another 3 points and cement itself at the table top.

Until the end Macedonia tried to at least score a consolation goal, but failed. Six minutes before time Milevski decided to give newcomer Agon Elezi a chance to make his debut appearance.

The goals:

Tonight at 20:45 Bulgaria hosts Gibraltar in the other match in this group.

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Facts about the match:

  • 80th appearance for Aleksandar Trajkovski
  • Bojan Miovski is the 11th player that scored an own goal
  • 5th match against Georgia and 2nd defeat
  • 1st appearance for Agon Elezi, who is 278th player to appear for Macedonia

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