New draw for the Third League East after the late entry of Karbinci

There has been a new draw for the remaining rounds of the Third League East after Karbinci’s request for a late entry was accepted.

Karbinci originally had the right to play in the League but it failed to pay the commission on time so relegated side Males from Berovo took its place.  Last week, the Round 1 was played but Karbinci was still accepted to enter the competition.  Now, the league will have 15 teams which means that Karbinci was free in the first round.  New draw was made for the remaining rounds starting from Round 2 and in each round, one team will have a bye week by being free for that particular round.

The League will continue this Sunday at 16.00 CET and after the new draw, Round 2 will consist of the following matches:

Cesinovo – Astibo
Babi – Vasilevo
Tiverija – Rabotnik Dzumajlija
Bregalnica Delcevo – Males
Plackovica – Rudar
Tri Cesmi – Mladost Orizari
Karbinci – Sasa
Zrnovka will be free.

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