Marjan Gerasimovski takes over Metalurg

Marjan Gerasimovski has been appointed manager of Metalurg as the replacement for Srgjan Zaharievski.

The contract of Srgjan Zaharievski expired at the end of last season, and both sides agreed to go their separate ways. Zaharievski wanted assurances that Metalurg would bring in more veteran signings, but the club stuck to its philosophy of mainly fielding youth players from its academy. Therefore, due to that difference, Zaharievski was not offered a new deal.

His replacement will be 41-year-old Marjan Gerasimovski. He gets promoted by Metalurg after leading their very successful youth academy. This makes sense since Gerasimovski has worked with many of the Metalurg players. They will also promote some more youngsters, all players that Gerasimovski knows well.

Marjan was a defender in his playing days and even made 9 appearances for Macedonia. As for his club career, he played for the likes of Partizan (Serbia), Legia (Poland) and domestic sides such as Vardar, Cementarnica 55 and Madjari Solidarnost.

Gerasimovski during his playing days at Partizan; photo:

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