Maco-Australian may join Vardar

Taleski in action; photo: Persei AgencyYoung Macedonian-Australian Aleks Taleski is about to sign with title holders Vardar as he has been training with the red&black team for a while.

The 17-year-old attacking midfielder is in Macedonia since September. He came here with his parents in order to try himself at Vardar, seizing the occasion since the season for the lower leagues in Australia ended. There, he lastly played for Green Gully, a team competing in the National Premier League of Victoria, the second league in the land of the Socceroos. On several occasions we wrote about him in our Potential internationals performances articles.

He has been regularly training with the most famous Macedonian club and our sources say that he is about to officially join Vardar. Besides being born in Australia, he has a Macedonian passport due to his parents’ origin, so he will not play as foreigner.

Also, FFM is working on the case for him to join the U18 Macedonian national team, and of course later to be tested at a higher level.

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