Kire Ristevski scored a goal for Bylis

U21 national team full back Kire Ristevski scored a goal for his club in the previous match of league play in Albania.

Kire Ristevski, who plays as a left back and is a regular member of the Macedonian U21 national team, has scored a goal for Bylis in Albania but the match against Vllaznia ultimately ended 3:3.  Ristevski scored the third goal in the 101st minute to give his club a temporary 2:3 lead in a match that lasted 113 minutes, or a second half of 68 minutes.  This happened because there were two players injured during the match.  First, the Bylis keeper was hit by a fan of the opposing team and then Bracan Popović of Vllaznia suffered a nasty injury which additionally stopped the match for a longer period.  The referee had to add more then 20 minutes of stoppage time due to the interruptions and the home side managed to tie the game at 3:3 in the 104th minute so both teams settled for a point.

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