Kantarovski turns down Macedonia

Ben Kantarovski told a website in Australia that his goal is to one day play for the Socceroos, not Macedonia.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Boshko Gjurovski had approached Ben Kantarovski in order to gauge his interest in representing Macedonia.  However, Kantarovski made it clear today that his ultimate goal is to represent Australia, his birth country.

He made the following statement courtesy of the Newcastle Herald, “It is good to be recognised for playing some good football, but I was born in Australia, have captained some Australian teams and would one day like to play for the Socceroos.  That is my ultimate aim.”

Kantarovski further added, “As I said I’m proud of my heritage but my focus is Australia.”

Despite Ben’s rejection right now, Macedonian manager Boshko Gjurovski was right to approach Kantarovski.  It doesn’t hurt to ask.  Hopefully, Gjurovski and FFM will stay aggressive in approaching others from the diaspora, those who possess the talent, and the persistence will eventually pay off.

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