Kanatlarovski: A chance for the new players

Coach Dragi Kanatlarovski expressed his expectations from the upcoming two matches against Poland and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

photo by FFM: Kanatlarovski at press conference

“This is the outgoing generation, it has the right to play four more official matches. There is potential and quality, and some of the players have the quality and potential to seriously knock on the doors of the A national team.”

“In fact, that is our main goal. There are refreshments in footballers who are younger, from the generation of 2005 who played elite qualifications. They got a chance to be here, see what it’s like and prepare for the future. It is certain that these tests are good, to see the current form of the players and the team as a whole. Poland is one category above us, so it will be a real test of strength.”

“On the other hand, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a national team that provides and will provide quality young football players. This is a nice control and an opportunity to test our strength. I expect a good performance because whenever you play for the national team, there is a motive to play the best” concluded Kanatlarovski.

The first control match against Poland will be played on June 1 (14:00 CET), in Radom. On June 5 (17:00 CET), in Konjić, the Macedonian U21 team will play against their counterparts from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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