Ivanovski and Kumbev in a ceremonial match

Ivanovski and KumbevFilip Ivanovski and Pance Kumbev played the first half of the ceremonial match in Poland between the Polish First League team and the team concluded of the best foreign players in the Polish League. Filip and Pance won with 3:2.

The two macedonians that are playing for Groclin Dyskobolia Grodzisk Wielkopolski played the whole first half of the ceremonial match. In the second half, both teams changed all their players in the spirit of the ceremony. The team of foreigners was leading on half-time with 2:0, and Filip Ivanovski scored the second goal in the 39th minute.

Taking their place in the first 11 of the best foreign players in Poland is a good privilege for Ivanovski and Kumbev. They are having a great season so far with their team Groclin being curently placed on the second place.

Foreigners team: 1. Emilian Dolha (46, 12. Ján Mucha) – 5. Radek Mynář (46, 17. Ivan Đurđević), 4. Pance Kumbev (46, 15. Ińaki Astiz), 6. Sreten Sretenović (46, 16. Hernâni), 13. Manuel Arboleda  – 8. Miroslav Radović (46, 3. Stefano Napoleoni), 14. Aleksandar Vuković (46, 20. Mauro Cantoro), 2. Hermes (46, 18. Roger), 11. Édson (46, 10. Andradina) – 7. Ilijan Micanski (46, 21. Vuk Sotirović), 9. Filip Ivanovski (46, 19. Takesure Chinyama).

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