Is Mladost Carev Dvor making a dream team?

Mladost Carev Dvor players at the end of last season; photo: Mladost on FBThird league South-West member, Mladost Carev Dvor, has been unusually active during the winter break by bringing in huge reinforcements for a third league side.

Currently, Mladost from the village of Carev Dvor is sharing the top spot on the table in the Third League South-West together with Prespa and Vulkan. The battle for the lone promotion play-off spot will be fierce the rest of the way as all three of those clubs have accumulated 11 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses. However, Mladost is determined to finish all alone in first place and has been busy adding solid additions for a third league side.

As finds out, Mladost has acquired four players from the First League side Napredok. The likes of attacking midfielder Hristijan Dimoski, goalkeeper Pece Korunovski, central defender Toni Veljanoski and striker Igor Klechkaroski. Those would be good additions to any First League side, let alone a third league side. The four acquisitions should serve as a huge boost heading into the second half of the season.

Additionally, although this is still just speculation at this point, Mladost has also allegedly brought in a couple of players from Second League side Novaci. The winter break in Macedonia is very long with the season resuming in March, so there is plenty of time for Mladost to assemble a dream team for Third League standards.

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