Goran Ganchev

Interview with Goran Ganchev

Goran Ganchev Goran Ganchev, a central defender, is one of the many players that followed the recent trend of pursuing a career in Asia.  We have conducted an interview with him in which he talks about life in Indonesia, amongst other things.

Goran Ganchev is a central defender, born on the 4th of August 1983 in Negotino.  He has played for several Macedonian clubs, including Milano, Bashkimi, and Pelister before starting an international career.  Goran has played in Bosnia and Herzegovina with Željezničar from Sarajevo and Velež from Mostar, and Croatian side Inter Zaprešić before deciding to move to Indonesia where he signed a contract with PSMS Medan.  A beautiful and big country, but an unknown to many football fans.  MacedonianFootball.com conducted an interview with Ganchev in which he talked about his previous football experience, his current club and life in Indonesia.

MF: How was the whole transfer to Indonesia arranged?
GG: Several agents were interested in me and wanted to arrange a transfer to this country for a long time, but everything happened very fast. I was not satisfied with my status at
Inter Zaprešić, while an offer arrived in the meanwhile so I left for Indonesia on catholic Christmas and signed a deal with PSMS Medan until the end of the season.

MF: What’s the difference between football in the Balkans and Indonesia?
GG: A footballer feels like a superstar here in Indonesia.  People are recognizing you, they want to take pictures with you, they want your autograph.  Of course, there is big difference in the style of play.  There are many 1-on-1 duels here, there is a lot of in-air duels, there are quality foreign players, especially strikers and central defenders.  Believe me, even the domestic players are not behind.  They are technically gifted players and very fast.  Football is the number 1 sport here, the stadiums are always packed, often there are 20.000-30.000 people, and matches are played at night.

MF: How are the work conditions and financial conditions over there?
GG: The football here is in a big expansion.  Clubs have hired foreign managers, the training facilities are solid and investments are standard practice.  This all adds up and results will come in the near future.  When we talk about the conditions for the matches, I can freely say they are much, much better then the Macedonian standards.  The financial conditions are also very good and that is one of the main reasons that more players are choosing Indonesia, of course.

MF: How do you adapt to local life, language?
GG: I have quickly adapted to life here and a huge help comes from all of my teammates (especially the foreigners) and the manager who is Italian (Fabio Lopez).  The city where I live is huge, there are 2.000.000 inhabitants and there are many European restaurants, shopping centers and I can honestly say that I already feel like at home here.  The weather presents problems sometimes because it is very wet and warm here, but I will get used to that.  In the meanwhile, I am learning the local language, but the communication is still in English.

MF: What is the deal with the two leagues that are currently running in Indonesia?
GG: Yes, in Indonesian football, there are two leagues – Indonesian Premier League and Indonesian Super League.  The Premier League is the one that is officially recognized by FIFA and AFC, while the Super League is currently a breakaway league, although it was used to be the recognized one, but then the Premier League was formed.  This is a handicap because there are quality teams in both leagues, and the quality of the competition might have been even bigger.

MF: What are the ambitions of your club?PSMS Medan
GG: PSMS Medan is a club that has separated from the existing PSMS and decided to play in the official league.  In a way, this is a new club and I, along with the other foreigners, have arrived later (after the 4th round).  The domestic players are also new players, and the club has the mission to slowly become a respected club that will fight for the top in the upcoming seasons.  There is no relegation from the Premier League this season.

MF: Would you recommend Indonesia to your colleagues?
GG: Let’s be honest – the football in Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and even Croatia is in financial crisis.  This affects the quality and the best players are looking to leave.  If a player receives an offer from Indonesia, he shouldn’t think twice.  He should come here and see that the football played here is solid.  It is a pleasure to play in front of packed stadiums, the football is in expansion, and that is notable from the fact that many players from our surroundings play here or in neighboring countries.

Goran Ganchev is a standard player in PSMS Medan after he arrived in Indonesia.  He has played in 4 matches so far and even scored a goal in the last round against Semen Padang after his teammate Hyo-Yeon Ahn crossed the ball from a free kick and he headed it home.  There is now a mini-break in the championship, a period that will suit his club well to blend even better, and the matches should restart in around 10 days.

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