Ilija Najdoski leaves national team post

Ilija NajdoskiNational team director Ilija Najdoski has handed in his resignation, raising questions about the status of manager Boshko Gjurovski.

Ilija Najdoski, one of the best Macedonian footballers of all time who won the Champions League trophy with Crvena Zvezda, has decided to resign following the poor showings against Belarus and Australia. He handed in his resignation on Friday, saying it was the right thing to do given the bad results by the senior national team.

Najdoski came to the director post after the tragic death of Petar Miloshevski in March of last year. He was hired as the replacement, but only lasted about one year before his resignation today. Najdoski worked closely with Boshko Gjurovski on every issue facing the senior national team. He worked closely on player selections, arranging travel and hotel picks for road trips, and other important duties.

There is still no word on the future of manager Boshko Gjurovski, but the board members of the Macedonian federation have a meeting scheduled for next week. One of the topics on the agenda will be the status of Gjurovski. Boshko has a contract until the end of the 2016 EURO qualifications, meaning until October of this year when Macedonia plays its final game in these failed qualifications.

If FFM decides to dismiss Gjurovski, then he will be owed the money that’s remaining on his contract. If he does resign, like Najdoski, then FFM would not owe him anything. For those reasons, Gjurovski is not expected to resign. He will either be dismissed and collect the rest of his salary, or FFM could choose to keep him until the expiration date of his contract.

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