Ilievski replaces Jovanovski in Bangladesh

altNikola Ilievski “Dzidzi” will replace Gjore Jovanovski as coach of Bangladesh national football team.

Gjore Jovanovski took over Bangladesh just several days ago, but he never got to be in charge of the team. Media reports that Jovanovski did not want to travel to Pakistan and wanted to join the team after the two-legged match against Pakistan. The Bangladesh football federation did not agreed to that and terminated the contract before it actually started.

It seems that Bangladesh like to stick with Macedonians in charge, so Nikola Ilievski will replace Gjore Jovanovski. Interesting, this is the third time Ilievski replaces Jovanovski. It happened in 2002 when Ilievski replaced Jovanovski in the Macedonian national team, then in 2009 when same thing happened in Metalurg and now in Bangladesh.

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