Ilcho Naumoski (L) seems destined for Azerbaijan

Ilcho Naumoski nears deal with Inter Bakı

Ilcho Naumoski (L) seems destined for AzerbaijanFormer Macedonian international Ilcho Naumoski is currently in Azerbaijan where he is closing in on a contract with Inter Bakı.

The 30-year-old Naumoski watched yesterday’s game between Inter Bakı and AZAL which the latter won 2:1.  Ilcho came to the attention of the club by his former teammate on the national team, Slavcho Georgievski, who is in his second year with Inter Bakı. 

Inter Bakı has struggled scoring goals and was looking to bring in a striker to help in that department.  Negotiations between Naumoski and Inter Bakı are in the closing stages, and a deal should be announced soon.

Naumoski will arrive as a free agent after his contract with Mattersburg expired at the conclusion of last season.  Mattersburg was relegated to the second division in Austria, which put an end to any chance of Naumoski re-signing with the club.  Ilcho was a member of Mattersburg since the 2005-06 season and scored a total of 46 goals in 187 league appearances.

For Inter Bakı fans, Naumoski has a short temper which has resulted in many yellow and red cards throughout his career with both Mattersburg and the Macedonian national team.  He did, however, experience some success in Austria when he was engaged and into the game.

Naumoski becomes the latest Macedonian player to move to Azerbaijan, joining the likes of Nikola Gligorov, Igor Mitreski, Edin Nuredinoski, Muarem Muarem and his new club teammate Slavcho Georgievski.  Azerbaijan has become a preferred destination for a final contract before retirement.

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