How can a game be played on this pitch?

A look at the pitchIt is mind-boggling how a match can be allowed to take place on the pitch that you see in the photo. However, that is exactly what happened on Sunday.

The second division clash between Skopje and Mladost Carev Dvor lacked much appeal, but what caught people’s attention was the appalling pitch that the game was played on. Since it was raining and the playing surface is not maintained efficiently to begin with, the pitch looked more suited for water polo as opposed to football.

It’s embarrassing and unfortunately it’s not the first time something like this has happened. How can a referee rule that this pitch was playable? It’s standard protocol that every referee must inspect the stadium before deciding the next course of action. In this case, it is evident as can be what that decision should have been. This is incredibly dangerous for players and what kind of football can be played on such a surface?

Another look

Add to that the broken seats that you see in the photo and it’s no coincidence that Macedonian football finds itself in a very difficult position.

Skopje plays its home games at the “Zhelezarnica” stadium. Prior to this season, that was also the home of top division side Metalurg. However, the Macedonian federation banned that stadium from hosting top division games after it failed pre-season inspections.

Again, even without the rain that fell on Sunday in Skopje, the playing surface at that venue is terrible. Metalurg players repeatedly complained about that fact in recent years, saying it doesn’t allow them to play the type of football that they want. So, taking that into consideration, it was no place to host a football game. That surface and rain is a very bad combination.

We want to promote Macedonian football in a positive way, but this needs to be told for change to hopefully take effect.

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