Horizont Turnovo and Ljupcho Dimitkovski part ways

Horizont Turnovo has decided to part ways with manager Ljupcho Dimitkovski.

Although Horizont Turnovo had the best season in club history, the team has decided to let manager Ljupcho Dimitkovski go and name a new manager to lead the club.

Turkish coach Ali Güneş is the man who will replace Dimitkovski and lead Turnovo in the future. Turnovo, by finishing third in the standings, will partake in Europa League qualifications for the 2013/14 season. Güneş, meanwhile, is a 51-year-old manager who has worked for several Turkish clubs in the past and will be the first Turkish manager in Macedonia. 

Horizont Turnovo will most probably start a cooperation with Turkish partners, and naming Güneş as manager was one of the first steps for the team.

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