Hadzi-Risteski elected president of FFM again

Haralampie Hadzi Risteski As expected, the Macedonian football will continue to move in the same direction as in the past seven years as Haralampie Hadzi Risteski has been elected as president of the Football Federation of Macedonia for the third time.

The only other candidate Blagoja Nikolovski left the election earlier as a protest because of the legitimity of some of the delegates. Some of the delegates also left the elections because the third candidate Masar Omeragic was not allowed to be part of the elections.

The verification board gave right to vote to 97 from the present 116 delegates. 85 of them voted and 82 gave their votes to Haralampie Hadzi Risteski and only 3 to Blagoja Nikolovski, so Hadzi Risteski was named as president of the football federation of Macedonia for the third time as he holds the position from 2002.

New executive board was also elected and Kenan Idrizi was named as the new vice-president.

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