Dragan Georgiev

Gjorgiev on loan at Mainz

Dragan GeorgievDragan Gjorgiev will spent the next season on loan at 1.Bundesliga side Mainz.

19-years-old striker Dragan Gjorgiev finally completed his transfer to FSV Mainz 05 as an one year loan. He will be one season on loan from Turnovo at the am Buchweg stadium where he will wear the number 36. However, it is not sure whether he will play for Mainz or he will be loaned to another club in Germany, most probably to a club from the 2.Bundesliga. In the next few weeks, his training sessions  at Mainz will be decisive for his future: to stay with the team or to be send to another team. Although he is 19 years old, he can’t play for the youth team because he is a non EU player. After one year in Germany, Mainz will decide to buy him from Turnovo or to send him back to Macedonia. It isn’t known how much Turnovo got for the one year loan, but the speculations are saying that if Mainz decides to buy him next year, the German club will pay around 200-250.000 to Turnovo.

Gjorgiev was a member of the U17 and U19 national teams, and currently he is part of the U21 squad. In Macedonia he is considered as one of the best future players.

photo: wormser-zeitung.de

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