Davor Zafirov in action for Tenerife; photo: Davor on fb

Getting to know Davor Zafirov

Davor Zafirov in action for Tenerife; photo: Davor on fbDavor Zafirov is a young player who we discovered recently. Born and raised in Spain, he is of Macedonian origin and willing to play for Macedonia.

Zafirov was born on the 14th of August in 1996 in the city of Puerto de la Cruz, located on the island of Tenerife. That is the largest of the Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago located just off the southwest coast of mainland Morocco. His parents are Macedonians from Shtip, he understands and speaks Macedonian, although not perfectly. Currently he is playing for the youth team of Tenerife, but often trains with the first team that competes in Spain’s second division.

Since he is a Macedonian footballer born in Spain, he is very interesting for us. His name is already known at FFM, so maybe he could get a call-up in the future.

MF: Davor, since you are born and raised in Spain, do you visit Macedonia?
DZ: Sometimes I come to Macedonia, but if I get a chance to represent Macedonia I will surely visit more often.

MF: When did you start playing football? Did you train at any other clubs besides Tenerife?
DZ: I started as a 6-year-old at FC Puerto de la Cruz. When I turned 16, I signed for Tenerife.

MF: What position do you play? Can you play multiple positions?
DZ: I’m currently playing as a central defender. That’s my natural position, but I can also play as a left back helping in the attacking half of the field. I can play at these two positions, I think I’m good in both.Zafirov, this time in the away kit; photo: Davor on fb

MF: What are your biggest strengths, and where do you see room for improvement?
DZ: I’m good in defending, I play and work for the team, I tend to play easily without complicating things. I can read the game well in terms of anticipating things, and when it comes to aerial play I do well with my head. I never give up and I always tend to improve. I’m still young and I need to improve more.

MF: Have you ever watched the national team of Macedonia? Last September we faced Spain, maybe you watched that game. Do you know any Macedonian players?
DZ: Yes, I watched the Spain – Macedonia qualifier. Obviously Spain is much stronger. I often see the Babunski brothers since they play here in Spain and also the U21 goalkeeper Stole Dimitrievski. And of course I know of Goran Pandev.

MF: When it comes to ambition, where do you see yourself in 3-4 years?
DZ: I have big ambitions. As every young player I dream to reach a higher level as a footballer. For now, I would like to play for the first team of Tenerife and to start playing for Macedonia.

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