Power Rankings Macedonian First League

1.MFL 14/15 Power Rankings (1st edition)

For the first time this season, we present you the Power Rankings as we compare the current form of the 10 clubs in the Macedonian First League.

After almost 4 months, the Power Rankings are back on our site. This season the table is smaller as the First League got reduced to just 10 clubs, but the battle between the participants is more even. Six rounds have been completed so there is enough sample size for the first edition of Power Rankings.

rank team record comments
1 alt 4-2-0 Vardar bought many new players during the summer and the results are already showing. The team was superior to its opponents, only failing to win on two occasions (both draws), against dead last Teteks, which was a surprise, and against Turnovo.
2 alt 3-3-0 The newly promoted winner of the Second League has started great this season. Still undefeated, but they have not faced Vardar or Shkendija up to this point.
3 alt  3-2-1 Metalurg changed its approach this season. They now consist of only domestic players with most of them being very young. The team has been a pleasant surprise with their results. Their only loss came in the last round vs. Vardar.
4 alt 3-1-2 Despite the big financial problems, the Green&White did well so far, losing only to Vardar and Metalurg. The team lacks much talent, but they have a fighting spirit that resembled their manager Marjan Sekulovski.
5 alt 2-2-2 The biggest disappointment so far has been Shkendija. Too much money was spent this summer, but the team only has 8 points from a possible 18, which resulted in sacking their now former manager Roy Ferenčina.
5 alt 2-2-2 Renova was the least active club when it comes to transfers, so it was expected the team will fight to avoid relegation.
7 alt 2-1-3 Turnovo had a nightmarish start by losing the opening 3 games which brought the team to its current position. They have improved as of late.
7 alt 2-1-3 The other big disappointment is the reigning league and cup champions. The team did lose many key players, but the team should be better that this. The replacements were suitable for the domestic league, but it’s not showing.
9 alt 1-0-5 The Blues have only won one game and lost the other 5 matches which is a devastating start. Still, Bregalnica has been very unlucky by conceding late goals, so their fortunes could change if they stay focused for the entirety of a match.
10 alt 0-2-4 The other promoted side this season is the biggest lock for relegation. Teteks showed some hope in the surprising draw against Vardar, but that is the lone bright moment. Otherwise, they have looked overmatched.

The next Power Rankings will be released after Round 10 (when there will be a break again for EURO 2016 qualifying matches).

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