Eight teams still without license for 1st and 2nd League

Two teams from the First League including famous Vardar and six teams from the Second League are still without the necessary license for the new season and their participation is still unknown.

Vardar and Skopje did not pay the cotisation on time and their participation in the First League is under questions. Their last chance is 6 of July when ends the last deadline for them to pay the obligaroty cotisation.


Six clubs in the Second League are facing with the same problem. Newcomers Osogovo, Ohrid Lote (from the Third Leagues), Milano (from the First League) and last season participants Cementarnica 55, Vlazrimi and Drita have the same deadline.

If some club from the First League doesnt pay the cotisation, the best-palced team from the Second League that is willing to pay will step into the First League. Nowever, this rule does not apply for the Second League. If one or more clubs decide not to participate in the new season, no clubs from the Third Leagues will get a chance to play into the Second League.

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