Shpëtim Duro; photo: KF Shkendija

Duro chooses foreigners from domestic league

Shpëtim Duro; photo: KF ShkendijaShpëtim Duro experienced some difficulty in putting together the best foreigners in Macedonia since several key guys declined the invitation to head to their native countries sooner.

On Saturday, at the Petar Miloshevski stadium starting at 13:00 CET, a match will be played between a select group of Macedonian players in the domestic league and a select group of foreigners from the same league. Igor Angelovski had no problems in selecting the guys he wanted, but Shpëtim Duro ran into problems for the squad of foreigners in Macedonia. This game was announced late in the process when many foreign players already booked tickets to their homelands.

Duro has 15 confirmed players plus 2 that are still unsure of their participation. Absent on the list are some of the best foreigners in Macedonia.

Here is the list of confirmed call-ups for Saturday’s game:

player country club league caps league goals cup caps cup goals
Milan Mitrović Serbia Sileks 18 0 2 0
Enes Azizi Switzerland Shkendija 1 0 1 0
Nemanja Mijušković Montenegro Vardar 18 1 4 1
Nemanja Ivanov Montenegro Sileks 18 0 0 0
Stefan Rudan Serbia Sileks 15 0 3 0
Momčilo Rudan Serbia Sileks 4 0 5 0
Sebastián Herrera Cardona Colombia Rabotnichki 5 0 4 2
Alexander Borja Córdoba Colombia Rabotnichki 0 0 0 0
Zvonimir Stanković Serbia Bregalnica 14 0 4 0
Yevheny Anatoliyovych Novak Ukraine Vardar 2 0 3 0
Stephan Vujčić Germany Rabotnichki 17 2 4 1
Nikolay Veselinov Hristov Bulgaria Bregalnica 16 1 5 0
Shqiprim Taipi Serbia Turnovo 8 0 5 2
Meriton Korenica Kosovo Shkendija 1 0 2 0
Igor Nedeljković Serbia Sileks 17 7 0 0
Suad Sahiti Serbia Rabotnichki 11 0 3 0
Emir Sahiti Kosovo Rabotnichki 6 0 3 2

Nemanja Mijušković will lead the defense

As you can see, this is far from the best possible squad. The roster even features one player that never played a league game this half-season, such as 17-year-old defender Alexander Borja Córdoba who only featured for Rabotnichki in the Reserve League. There is also Meriton Korenia of Shkendija, , 17 as well, who at least played in two Cup games and one in the league. Others saw little playing time, like Shkendija backup keeper Enes Azizi who only played 45 minutes in the very last round before the winter break, filling in for the injured Marko Jovanovski. One of the Rudan twins, Momčilo, played just four league games for Sileks, but he was at least fielded regularly in the Cup. The younger of the Sahiti brothers, Emir, featured in six games for Rabotnichki, playing few minutes in those appearances. These guys were included since some of the best foreign players already headed home.

Below is a list of all the foreigners that will miss Saturday’s match:

Goran Simov (Serbia) – Sileks, didn’t play in any league game, but 3 in the cup

Hovhannes Hambardzumyan (Armenia) – Vardar, league: 14 games, 3 goals; cup: 4 games, 1 goal
Carlinho Rech (Brazil) – Shkendija, league: 9 games, no goals; cup: 4 games, no goals

Juan Felipe Alves Ribeiro (Brazil) – Vardar, league: 17 games, 3 goals; cup: 4 games, no goals
Artak Dashyan (Armenia) – Vardar, league: 11 games, 3 goals; cup: 3 games, 1 goal
Nildo Victor Juffo (Brazil) – Shkendija, league: 1 game, currently injured
Bae Beomgeung (South Korea) – Shkupi, league: 8 games, 1 goal; cup: 2 games, no goal, released due to unprofessional behavior
Koken Kuroki (Japan) – Mladost, league: 1 game, no goals; cup: 1 game, 1 goal, already left the club
Olkan Yildiz (Turkey) – Mladost, didn’t play in any league or games

César Romero Zamora (USA) – Vardar, league: 8 games, 4 goals; cup: 2 games, no goals, suspended due to unprofessional behavior
Stênio Marcos da Fonseca Salazar Júnior (Brazil) – Shkendija, league: 17 games, 3 goals; cup: 2 games, 2 goals
Bojan Vručina (Croatia) – Shkendija, league: 11 games, 2 goals; cup: 2 games, 1 goal
David Alejandro Matute Novo (Ecuador) – Turnovo, league: 11 games, 1 goal, cup: 3 games, 1 goal
Anđelo Stevanović (Serbia) – Turnovo, played only 2 minutes in the league and 1 cup game

The game on Saturday will be live-streamed on for those interested in watching.

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