Duel: Zarevski vs. Stojanov

Gjorgji Zarevski vs Darko StojanovSileks is taking on Bregalnica Shtip on Sunday and we used this opportunity to ask few question to host Gjorgji Zarevski and visitor Darko Stojanov.

Striker Zarevski has scored 4 goals for Sileks so far and will surely have many duels with Stojanov who is a central defender and is a vital part of Bregalnica’s defence.

Sileks had a very bad start with 7 defeats after the first third of the season. What is the reason for these bad results and what can we expect from Sileks in the rest of the season?
Gjorgji: The reason for our bad results this season lies in the fact that many players left the club, we have a new manager and few injured players. I think that after the draw against Metalurg away, the atmosphere has risen and I’m pretty sure that we will beat Bregalnica on Sunday.

So far Bregalnica has been playing a bit with ups and downs, so what can we expect from you in the rest of the season?
Darko: I wouldn’t say that we played inconsistent, it was more lack of luck. We absolved good games and produced attractive scoring chances but we didn’t score and for that we received punishment. In the following period we expect good games, better results and a higher placement.

Like in every match, your team will strive for victory on Sunday. Why do you think that you can defeat your opponents? What are your advantages and what are the weak points of your opponents?
Gjorgji: Well, they have good individuals that can decide the winner with only one move. Their offense is good, they can always score a goal, but I think that they are vulnerable in the defence and we will be able to score too.
Darko: Normally any team goes for a win in each game, therefore we travel for a win to Kratovo. The big experience from some of our players and the good form and results from the last weeks is an advantage for us.

Sileks currently isn’t in good form and with that the motivation is down as well, while at Bregalnica the situation is very different. What will be decisive in this game, the form or the motivation?
Gjorgji: I have no idea what to say here. All I can come up with is that hues will decide the winner and if we score first I think we will win.
Darko: We shouldn’t watch to much on Sileks’ current position and I don’t think that their motivation is down. We have to go with respect and motivated in this game without underestimation if we want to come back with points. The bigger wish for a win and the sports fortune will decide this game.

What do you think about Darko Stojanov who will face you in this game?
Gjorgji: I know Darko somewhat, but I don’t follow Bregalnica’s games intensively enough to jugde his strengthens.

What do you think about Gjorgji Zarevski who will face you in this game?
Darko: I know him because we are from the same generation, we already played against each other in the youth categories and now we play both on senior level in Macedonia for a couple of seasons. He is a good forward and one of Sileks’ leaders.

We wish them a good game on Sunday and may the better team wins!

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