Duel: Mojsov vs. Markoski

Gjorgji Mojsov vs. Riste MarkoskiHorizont Turnovo is taking on Napredok on Sunday and we used this opportunity to ask few question to Gjorgji Mojsov of Horizont Turnovo and Riste Markoski of Napredok, both midfielders.

Your team had a great start of the season and managed to beat some of the favourites. Can you continue with this tempo and maybe try to get a place in the European cups?
Gjorgji: Yes, it’s true that we have been good. We will surely keep going according to our plan made before the season which is at the end to finish among the top 3 teams and get a place in the European cups.
Riste: The wish of the players and the management is European spot. We know it is going to be difficult, but we will try to keep the tempo up and continue in the same rhythm.

Like in every match, your team will strive for victory on Sunday. Why do you think that you can defeat your opponents? What are your advantages and what are the weak points of your opponents?
Gjorgji: On every game and especialy when we play at home we strive for the win so the Sunday game won’t be any different. I don’t really know about the weak points of Napredok because I don’t know this team very well, but for my team I know that we are one of the best team in the league. We are very stabile in the defense, strong in the midfield and dangerous in the attack.
Riste: We are going in Turnovo to surprise them. We always play good against them. We hope we can win the points by playing our style of play and using counter-attacks.

Both teams are in good shape and are always motivated. What is more important in matches like this one, current form or motivation?
Gjorgji: I think the home field will be decisive. At Kukush this season we are untouchable so I don’t see why it can be any different on Sunday. A motivation plus is the fact that with a win we can grab the first place as Metalurg and Vardar are facing eachother. In case of a draw or a win for Metalurg, we will get Vardar’s first place.
Riste: I think both teams will play carefully. In my opinion, whoever scores first will get the three points and i hope that will be Napredok.

What do you think about Riste Markoski who will face you in this game?
Gjorgji: I’ve heard of him, he is a quality player and is very important for Napredok.

What do you think about Gjorgji Mojsov who will face you in this game?
Riste: Honestly, I do not know him well.

We wish them a good game on Sunday and may the better team wins!

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