Dragarski makes a sliding challenge versus Pandurii

Dragarski involved in red card incident

Defender Hristijan Dragarski was kicked by an opponent, resulting in a red card for the player from Pandurii.

Over the weekend, in the Romanian league, Hristijan Dragarski was given a rare start for Concordia due to an injury at the center-back position. In the 37th minute, Dragarski was involved in a controversial moment featuring Pandurii attacker Dan Nistor.

Dragarski makes a sliding challenge versus Pandurii

Nistor, for whatever reason, decided to kick Dragarski after he made a bad touch on the ball. The kick wasn’t excessive, but it was still incredibly stupid. Dragarski quickly went down which led the referee to bring out the straight red card for Nistor.

Video of the incident:

What do you guys think? Was the kick worthy of a red card, or did Dragarski sell it well? Concordia and Dragarski would have the last laugh as they beat Pandurii 1:0.

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