Turnovo opts to make coaching change

After Turnovo’s home loss to Pelister on Sunday, a decision was reached to part ways with manager Ljupcho Dimitkovski.

Turnovo is flirting with the possibility of direct relegation after their home loss to Pelister on Sunday. They currently sit in 8th place, third from bottom, but Pelister is now only four points behind with five rounds to go.

With that being the case, Turnovo owner Orce Todorov decided to make a coaching change. The players were not responding to Ljupcho Dimitkovski, so he was let go. Shefki Arifovski, who formerly served as an interim for the team, will once again assume the coaching duties until the end of the season.

Dimitkovski has been let go

Turnovo can definitely be ruled an underachiever. For Macedonian league standards, they possess good players on paper, but it wasn’t working. They have former Mainz winger Dragan Gjorgiev, Bojan Najdenov (capped by the national team last summer), Dino Zahov (served as Vardar’s starting keeper before moving to Turnovo), Sashko Pandev and several young prospects. As a reminder, Turnovo has a partnership with Goran Pandev’s youth academy. However, it wasn’t working with Dimitkovski, so now Arifovski will take over the reins.

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