Daniel Georgievski: I hope I won’t be the only Kangaroo in Macedonia

Daniel Georgievski is action for Steaua; photo: vochin.roDaniel Georgievski is recovering from an injury and finds time to chat about many things.

In an interview for daily newspaper Nova Makedonija made few days ago, 24-years-old right back Daniel Georgievski reveals many interesting thoughts. He is born in Australia and is only the third Australian-Macedonian who decided to play for the land of his parents (with the other two having only reached youth levels). He looks happy that his injury isn’t heavy as it was thought, talks about the national team, about the speculations linking him to a transfer in real Madrid and what for us is very interesting, about the chance of other Macedonians from Australia to follow his steps.

Georgievski’s injury looked horrible, but luckily it’s not that serious.

“I have broken the fibula on my left leg, but that’s the only bad thing from the injury because everything else was like accidental luck. Everyone thought that I have also twisted my knee, which could have been much worse and I would have need much more time to heal. That didn’t happen. Luckily the injury came before the winter break so I didn’t miss many games plus it happened on my tenth game for Steaua which meant an activation of the clause in my contract for renewing it for another 18 months. Therefore, there were many lucky moments in this accident.”

If everything goes according to the medics’ predictions, he should be back playing in March. Still, he will miss the big clash of his team with Dutch giants Ajax in the Europa League.

“I was examined by one of the best Romanian medics and he told me that he wants me to start running in two weeks. These days they removed the screw from my leg in which I will still have a plate until May, but that won’t be a problem to play. Since Friday I’m in Malaga, Spain with the team where I will be having therapies three times a day. I know that I’m close to Seville where the Macedonian men’s national handball team is playing at the World Cup, but I won’t be able to go and watch them live, only on TV. After this we will go for two weeks in Antalya, Turkey where I will begin with soft training. I’m expecting to be back on field in March but I don’t believe I will be ready for the big clash with Ajax in the Europa League.”

Not only his injury, but a yellow card suspension will also remove him from the 2014 World Cup qualifications game in Skopje against Belgium in March.

“I have a yellow card suspension for the first game with Belgium, while I hope I will be ready for the second. The atmosphere in the national team is incredible, it’s a miracle! Our progress began with John Toshack and now with Chedomir Janevski it’s even better. We have a great combination of young and older players and that’s the reason why we have results and I’m expecting that to continue. The coaching team has a great relationship with the players. Since I got injured they don’t stop calling me to talk to me and to advise me, that really means a lot to me.”

From Croatian side Šibenik he moved to Romanian giants Steaua Bucureşti.

“Honestly I didn’t expect to be this good in Steaua. I’ve heard many stories about Romania, problems that others have had, but I have only positive impressions. I came here because the club is playing internationally and I can say that it’s well organized, many people are working around the club and everything is working on a professional level. The club has lots of fans, we all know it’s a legendary club. When I told my father that I was here, he told me to sign right away so I did that.”

After his great performances in the qualifications for the 2014 World Cup, there were rumors that he caught the eye of Real Madrid’s José Mourinho, who followed live the game Croatia – Macedonia in Zagreb.

“I really don’t have anything to say about that story and the interest by Real Madrid. If that club wants a player, than they buy it, there aren’t only speculations without anything to happen. I like the attention, but I’m not thinking about that. It’s a job for my agent who always contacts me if there is anything for real, which in this case there wasn’t.”

As Daniel is so far the first and only Australian-Macedonian capped on a senior level for Macedonia, he also explained few things about the other Macedonian footballers in Australia.

“In Australia there are many more talented Macedonian footballers than me, but it’s very hard for them to decide to come to Europe. There are quality players, although their technique is their weak side. But the biggest problem is that Australia is too far away and they watch on TV only the Premier League so they think that when they will come in Europe everything will be as they have seen on TV. And they get disappointed. Mentally they aren’t ready for the hard work that’s expecting them in Europe, as in today’s football quality isn’t everything. I truly hope that in the future I won’t be the only Kangaroo in the Macedonian national team.”

To read the interview in Macedonian language, click here.

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