Damchevski’s transfer to Velež falls through

FIFA would not issue an international certificate for Aleksandar Damchevski’s proposed move to Velež, thus the transfer collapsed.

Aleksandar Damchevski remains without a club after his expected transfer to Velež (Bosnia) fell through. FIFA refused to approve his certificate which meant that Velež could not register Damchevski to the Bosnian federation.

The reason given by FIFA is that when Damchevski terminated his contract with NAC Breda (former club), the transfer window was already over in Bosnia-Herzegovina. That does not make much sense when looking at the facts. NAC Breda announced that Damchevski’s deal was terminated on August 8, well within the summer transfer period. However, maybe it took longer to report it to FIFA.

Damchevski playing for NAC Breda

Velež and Damchevski must now move on. Aleksandar initially came on their radar after Dragi Kanatlarovski was named the club’s manager. With the team sitting in last place, they wanted to add reinforcements. Damchevski was one of the guys they targeted, but the transfer failed to materialize.

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