Rabotnichki or Teteks to claim the Cup

Cup final preview: Siljanovski vs. Drobarov

Rabotnichki or Teteks to claim the CupRabotnichki and Teteks will square off in the Macedonian Cup final on Wednesday night, and for that occasion we contacted one player on each side to get their thoughts on the match.

This Wednesday, on May 20, Rabotnichki and Teteks will meet in the XXIV edition of the Macedonian Cup final. The game has importance for both teams, obviously, but Renova will also be keeping a close eye as well. A Rabotnichki win means that Renova, as the fourth placed team in the First League will participate in the Europa League qualifications this summer. On the other hand, if Teteks wins, then they would get that spot, leaving Renova empty handed.Siljanovski celebrates a goal

To preview this game, we decided to interview one player on each team. From Rabotnichki, we chose Goran Siljanovski, the right back who is one of their key players. He also made his national team debut last year. Siljanovski is no stranger to the cup final as this will be his 5th appearance, despite the fact that he is just 24 years old. Before this year, Goran also featured in the cup finals in 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2014.

From Teteks, we initially planned on talking to midfielder Miroslav Jovanoski, a product of the club’s youth academy who has played in two cup finals earlier in his career, but we had to change plans since Jovanoski will not play on Wednesday due to a yellow cards suspension. Thus, we opted to talk to Vlatko Drobarov, a defender who joined Teteks last summer after spending a year in Mexico with Murciélagos. The 22-year-old is a former youth national team player of Macedonia.

MF: It’s a clash between one of the top domestic teams in Rabotnichki and one of the worst in Teteks. In the three league meetings this season, Rabotnichki won all three with the scores being 3:1, 5:1 and 2:1. What are your thoughts on a game that many fans would describe as David versus Goliath?
Goran: Although Teteks got relegated into the Second League, they are playing great in the Cup, they have been doing that in the last few seasons. Their bad form won’t trick us and we will never underestimate them because after all this is a Cup final and it surely won’t be easy.
Vlatko: There is no need to speak about Rabotnichki. Great side that proved itself in both the league and cup. They are the favorites, but we won’t show up with a white flag. On the contrary, we will put up a fight. It’s a single game where everything can happen. We are going for all or nothing.

MF: A final of the Macedonian Cup is not something unfamiliar to you (Sijanovski). So far, you have been a part of four finals, winning on two occasions. What is your motivation like to play in what would be your fifth cup final?
Goran: Exactly, this is my 5th Cup final. In my first, I didn’t get a chance to play. I stayed on the bench for Makedonija Gjorche Petrov when we faced my current team Rabotnichki and lost on penalty kicks. For every player to play a final is something special. The atmosphere and the motivation in our squad are at the highest level and we will give our best to retain the trophy.

MF: As a central defender, you (Drobarov) will be tasked in slowing down Rabotnichki’s offense, a team that has the best attack in both league and cup play this season. How will you go about slowing them down?
Vlatko: They have a stunning front line as all of their attacking players are playing great. They are simply very good up there. Still, it’s a single game and I think that we can manage to stop them since anything can happen in a match. Our ultras group Vojvodi will be on the stands to help us in our task.

MF: In the Cup final of 2011, you (Siljanovski) played for Teteks. On Wednesday, none of your former teammates remain on the current Teteks squad. Still, since you played for Teteks and the fact that you were born in Tetovo, will you have any emotions?
Goran: I spent 6 months in Teteks and I played in the Cup final with this team. Too bad we were defeated by Metalurg. From Teteks I have only good memories, but in football there is no place for emotions and sentimentality because above all I’m professional and at this moment I’m focused only on Rabotnichki and I hope to win my third Cup trophy.Drobarov defending

MF: With a win, Teteks will qualify for the Europa League qualifications. However, the team was already relegated into the Second League. What are your plans for the future? Are you staying or leaving?
Vlatko: Yes, if we win, the team will go into the qualifications for the Europa League. Unfortunately, I can’t say anything about whether I will be staying or leaving. Time will tell.

MF: In our last question, we asked both players to share their thoughts on each other, but without knowing that the other had the same question. Here’s what they said:
Goran: I know Vlatko personally I can say that above all he is a great friend. He is one of the most regular players of Teteks this season and I can only praise his performances.
Vlatko: He is a big fighter on and off the field, he never gives up. We are friends, but I will give my best to come out victorious from our clash.

We wish both Goran and Vlatko well and may the better team win on Wednesday. Hopefully, the fans present at the stadium will be given a good show by the teams.

The game will kick-off at 20.00 CET this Wednesday at the National Arena Philip II of Macedon in Skopje. Dejan Jakimovski will be the main referee, while his first and second assistants will be Goce Petreski and Marjan Stojanchevski. The fourth official will be Igor Shirilov, and the two additional referees located near the goals will be Stevche Shuleski and Konstantin Vlaho. All hail from Skopje, except Shuleski who comes from Ohrid.

Tickets have already been made available and cost 100 Denars (1.63 Euros) for both the North and South stand. The East and West stand will remain closed. The fans can also purchase tickets online on this website here. The game will also be live broadcasted by MRT1.

Road to the final:

Rabotnichki Teteks
idle Goblen Juniorr W 3:0
Pelister D 0:0; W 3:1 Shkupi D 1:1; W 1:0
Gorno Lisiche L 2:3; W 3:1 Kozhuf Miravci L 0:1; W 5:0
Renova W 2:1; D 1:1 Turnovo W 2:1; L 1:2 (4:2 pso)


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