Could Ferhan Hasani already be on the move?

Ferhan Hasani; photo: AberdeenFerhan Hasani was the only Shkendija player not to feature in a friendly on Wednesday, raising speculation that there could be something to the transfer rumors.

After Shkendija was eliminated by Aberdeen in the Europa League, the coaching staff gave the players several days off before the team returned to the training pitch this past Sunday. After several days of trainings, Shkendija played a friendly on Wednesday against Gostivar.

Every player on the first team, also included two trialists in Croatian left back Ivan Vasilj and Bulgarian midfielder Nikolay Dyulgerov, played in the friendly, except for Ferhan Hasani. Shkendija simply said that Hasani was getting rested, but the whole team had several days to rest after the second leg of the Aberdeen clash. It makes no sense. That’s why this was an odd decision that only raises the likelihood that the transfer rumors surrounding Ferhan could be accurate.

Shkendija’s lineup (via their site): Jovanovski (Azizi 30’ (Nuhii 61’)), Bejtulai (Todorovski 46’ (Taipi 81’)), Jerbic (Polozhani 46’), Cuculi (Bojku 61’), Vasilj (Abdula 46’), Useini (Alimi 46’), Dyulgerov (Imeri 61’), Totre (Demiri 46’ (Murati 77’)), Radeski (Juffo 46’), Kirovski (Ibraimi 46’), Vrucina (Stenio Junior 46’).

Hasani just joined Shkendija earlier in the summer, but he would be eligible to move again before the end of the current transfer window. Players are not allowed to make two transfers within one transfer window, but that doesn’t apply in this case. Ferhan signed with Shkendija as a free agent, not as a transfer between two teams (which requires a fee), so he would freely be able to change teams again before August 31.

As a reminder, the last notable Macedonian player to do such a thing was Adis Jahovic. After his contract expired with Vorskla in Ukraine, he signed as a free agent with Rijeka (Croatia) in the summer of 2014. Then, several days before the end of the window, in late August of that year, Rijeka sold Jahovic to Krylia Sovetov.

Daily newspaper “Makedonski Sport” has linked Hasani with Scottish giant Celtic, but we can’t confirm the validity of that rumor. What is known is that Shkendija is now connected to Fali Ramadani, a powerful agent who represents some of the best players in the Balkan region. Several days ago, a relative of Fali, Ibrahim Ramadani, became a manager within the sports department of Shkendija.

The new season in Macedonia starts on August 9, so the situation involving Hasani bears watching over the next two weeks. If Shkendija receives a good offer, they may very well be inclined to accept it. That was further emboldened on Wednesday when Hasani didn’t play in the friendly. Usually, when teams are discussing a potential transfer, that player of interest is often kept out from games to avoid the risk of injury.

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