Changchun Yatai making a play for Vanche Shikov

Vanche Shikov; photo: sport-express.uaChinese top division club Chángchūn Yàtài is interested in adding Macedonian CB Vanche Shikov to its roster.

The main person pushing for the transfer of Shikov to Chángchūn Yàtài is the club’s manager Svetozar Šapurić.  Šapurić is very familiar with Shikov since he managed him while the two were members of Ethnikos Achnas in Cyprus.  Šapurić rates Shikov highly as a defender and has made him one of the top priorities for the winter transfer window.  Changchun Yatai is looking to strengthen its roster after barely avoiding relegation in the 2013 season.

Shikov, currently the captain of Ukrainian side Volyn, has a contract with that club until the summer.  However, due to FIFA rules for players who have 6 or fewer months left on their contracts, Vanche will be allowed to negotiate with other teams during the winter transfer window.

The biggest obstacle for any Shikov transfer will be Volyn manager Vitaliy Kvartsyanyi, a no nonsense coach who does not tolerate players holding the club hostage.  Shikov and Kvartsyanyi have a good relationship, the coach did name Shikov captain after all, but money tends to speak loudest to most players.  Volyn simply does not have the resources to offer Shikov a lavish contract the way Chángchūn Yàtài can.  So, although Volyn may not want to sell Shikov, a rich offer from Chángchūn Yàtài may tempt them to part ways with their captain.

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