Bum Geunbae added by Shkupi

Korean midfielder Bum Geunbae was signed by newly promoted side Shkupi earlier in the month.

Shkupi announced the signing of Bum Geunbae earlier this month, but there was little info on the player. So, we tracked down Bum on Facebook to learn more about him.

Geunbae told us that he is 22 years old and last played for Sportfreunde Eisbachtal, a lower division club in Germany. Before that, Bum noted that he played in his native South Korea.

Bum Geunbae; photo: Shkupi

After the signing happened, Geunbae suffered an injury while playing in a friendly match. Shkupi announced that he will miss about three weeks with his injury. We’ll see what Bum brings to Shkupi after he recovers from his injury.

Once he debuts in league play, Bum Geunbae would be the second Korean player to ever suit up in the Macedonian league after Lim Changjong made 3 appearances for Rabotnichki during the first half of the 2013/14 season.

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