Admira manager defends Naumoski

The Admira manager has defended Ilco Naumoski after his latest red card this past week.

The Admira manager, Dietmar Kühbauer, has defender Ilco Naumoski and stated that the referee made a bad decision to give Naumoski a red card.  The manager said, “this is a red card that only Ilco could get.  Even if he has made many mistakes in the past, I must defend him in this situation.”  The current Admira manager was a former teammate of Naumoski when they were both members of Mattersburg a couple of years ago.  Admira eventually beat Mattersburg 2:1 to claim all three points.

Naumoski’s teammate Alexander Pöllhuber, who scored the only goal for Mattersburg during the game, also came to the defense of Naumoski.  He said this was a hard decision that was made because of Ilco’s bad reputation amongst the referees.  Every little thing he does will be punished, more than any other player in Austria.  Pöllhuber went on to add that Naumoski has become much calmer as of late and should be given a fair chance by the referees.

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