2.MFL overview of Round 5

Sileks has no intention of giving away any points as today they recorded the 5th consecutive win. First wins for Lokomotiva and Gostivar, Sasa shocked Belasica away and took over the east top after Sloga 1934 fell in Radovish, while Vardar conceded a late equalizer to drop a home win.

photo by KF Korabi Debar: players head into half-time in Debar



Leaders Sileks defeated Teteks on the road scoring one goal a piece in each half and thus kept the top position by remaining a perfect score.

Vardar was form favorite to claim the points at home against newcomers Besa 1976. Despite a vising lead Vardar turned the result around but conceded a last minute equalizer and dropped the win disappointing its fans.

The duel between the two bottom-placed teams ended with a 2:1 win for Gostivar for whom this is the first seasonal win.

Voska Sport smashed Veleshta by scoring four goals, while Korabi used the played advantage to claim the points against Kadino and climb on the second place.

Bogovinje stadium in Bogovinje
Teteks – Sileks 0:2 (0:1)
Goals: 23′ Burhan Aliji, 75′ Sasho Dukov
Referee: Marjan Dejanoski (Kichevo)

Gradski stadium in Gostivar
Gostivar – Ohrid 2:1 (1:0)
Goals: 7′ Denc Gashi, 52′ Artan Veliu – 83′ Murat Adili
Referee: Dejan Mladenovski (Skopje)

Gradski stadium in Debar
Korabi – Kadino 1:0 (0:0)
Goals: 71′ Bleron Mucha
Red cards: 36′ Viktor Dimkov (Ka)
Referee: Deni Lekovski (Bitola)

Boris Trajkovski stadium in Skopje
Vardar – Besa 1976 2:2 (1:1)
Goals: 41′, 52′ Filip Petkovski – 23′ Hakan Limani, 90′ Muhamed Bekir
Referee: Stojanche Stojanov (Shtip)

Atina Bojadji stadium in Ohrid
Voska Sport – Veleshta 4:0 (2:0)
Goals: 13′ Elmir Aliji, 33′, 65′ Behar Feta, 70′ Pajazit Saliu
Referee: Kiril Smokvoski (Prilep)

2.MFL West 2021/22

Promotion | 1.MFL
Play-out |
Relegation | 3.MFL


First defeat for Sloga 1934 who was perfect so far. They had the lead away to Detonit, but after their keeper made a penalty foul and got sent off, everything went downhill. The hosts scored twice and gave them their first seasonal failure. For Detonit this is the very first win this season.

The leading position is now in the hands of Sasa who managed to record a surprising win away to promotion favorites Belasica. Aleksovski was the hero with his goal 7 minutes before the break.

Lokomotiva celebrated their debut win the second league after earning a hard win over the other debutante Bratstvo 07. The visitors had tho of their players sent off before the hosts found the back of the visiting net in the dying moments of the match.

Pobeda had a goals galore win over Osogovo scoring up to 6 goals with three coming in the opening 8 minutes.

AMS stadium in Gradsko
Lokomotiva (G) – Bratstvo 07 1:0 (0:0)
Goals: 90′ Besmir Daci
Red cards: 64′ Zharko Dimoski, 87′ Emir Mustafa (B)
Referee: Benjamin Kjerimi (Skopje)

Goce Delchev stadium in Prilep
Pobeda – Osogovo 6:0 (4:0)
Goals: 4′, 77′ Bojan Spirkoski, 6′, 29′ Antonio Bosheski, 8′ Petar Najdov, 80′ David Josheski
Referee: Done Ristovski (Gevgelija)

Gradski stadium in Radovish
Detonit – Sloga 1934 2:1 (0:1)
Goals: 81′ (pen) Gjokshen Limanov, 88′ Goran Stojanov – 25′ Ivan Mitrov
Red cards: 78′ Gjorgji Jovanoski (S)
Referee: Sadik Tairi (Struga)

Mladost stadium in Strumica
Belasica – Sasa 0:1 (0:1)
Goals: 38′ Darko Aleksovski
Referee: Marjan Mladenovski (Ohrid)

Gradski stadium in Pehchevo
Kit-Go – Kozhuf 1:0 (0:0)
Goals: 89′ Boban Angelov
Referee: Aleksandar Vasilevski (Skopje)

2.MFL East 2021/22

Promotion | 1.MFL
Play-out |
Relegation | 3.MFL

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