2.MFL East: Sasa replaces Dojransko Ezero

Sasa has been “fished out” for another season in the second league after Dojransko Ezero declared that due t financial problems won’t be able to compete.

Changes in the group East fr the upcoming season. Third league Southeast winners Dojransko Ezero won’t be making their second league come back after long 19 years as they could not financially stabilize the club. According to the rules, their place was offered to runners-up Tiverija, but they immediately denied promotion. Since no team from that group was interested, FFM invited all interested clubs to apply for the empty spot.


Although right after the season ending Detonit was expressing interest to stay in the league, this time they denied citing that it was too late to create a decent team. Detonit got relegated as additional fourth team.

At the end only Sasa applied and since they meet all standards for playing on a second league level they were immediately added as the tenth participant. Last season the Makedonska Kamenica based team finished 8th. It will be their third consecutive season at this level, while 5th overall.

This change was welcomed by 3.MFL East side Rudar who’s ambitions for the upcoming season are second league promotion. With strong Osogovo being in the second league and Sasa fished out, Rudar’s only rival will be Ovche Pole.

As for Dojransko Ezero, real shame for all the firms and businesses in their region. They will be playing again the 3.MFL Southeast, but what motive will they have?

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