1 month ban for Teteks, Drita coaches

FFM suspended the managers of Second League sides Teteks and Drita for one month following their behavior during the last round matches.

Zoran Smilevski, who leads currently second placed Teteks, was expelled from the bench in the 27th minute of the road game against Madjari Solidarnost. Allegedly he went into a raw with the president of the home team.

Nedjat Shabani, who is in charge at Drita, was also expelled but prior to the end of the road game against Miravci. He fired several insults towards the referees.

Other interesting sanctions that were brought by the Federations are the suspensions of two players that got sent off for brawling during their teams encounter. Rabotnichki’s goalkeeper Bozhidar Stoychev got suspended for 4 games, while Napredok’s striker Vladimir Mojsovski will rest on the next 3 games.

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