1.MFL team of the first half-season 2019/20

Today MacedonianFootball presents the team of the first half-season 2019/20 in the Macedonian top flight.

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After reviewing the performances of the players of the 1.MFL during the first half-season 2019/20, we introduce the best starting 11 together with 12 substitutes. Stats such as games played, goals, assists and clean sheets, along with tracking the actual games, determined which players deserved a place in the team. The formation that best suited this time is a 4-2-3-1.

Keep in mind that players had to start in at least half of the possible games (meaning 9 of 18) to be considered. Furthermore, it was important to take into account a suitable position for each of the starters instead of playing some players totally out of position.

Macedonia Filip Gachevski (Vardar) M18 GC11 CS11 Y3 R0 1.620′
The popular Gacha had some mistakes inbetween, but conceded just eleven goals in 18 games and kept eleven times a clean sheet. Outstanding stats for Filip who was part of Vardar’s strong defense.

Macedonia Kristijan Toshevski (Vardar) M17 G1 A2 Y0 R0 1.528′
Toshevski, who also plays as a right-back, this season was mostly active as a central back. The 25-years-old defender played a strong half-season and was even able to stay without a yellow or red card; very impressive for a defender. Recently he also returned to the senior national team due to his good games for Vardar.

Ukraine Yevheniy Anatoliyovich Novak (Vardar) M16 G0 A1 Y2 R0 1.433′
Novak is an experienced central defender who is for years dominant in the Macedonian top tier. Strong in the defense and also active when it comes to creating the game. A real leader in Vardar’s team.

Macedonia Vladica Brdarovski (Vardar) M18 G1 A2 Y4 R0 1.551′
Vardar’s right-back had a role that suits him very good. In a formation with three central backs he was able to play as a wing-back on the right side, so he was able to show his offensive abilities.

Brazil Leovigildo Júnior Reis Rodrigues (Vardar) M16 G4 A6 Y1 R0 1.305′
Leovigildo, who is also known as Juninho, was one of the most impressive players during the half-season. Playing as a left wing-back the Brazilian international was literally an engine in Vardar’s team. He impressed with his pace and agility, running tirelessly over the pitch. He scored four goals and assisted six times, but was additionally always a threat for the opponents defense.

Macedonia Gjorgi Stoilov (Akademija Pandev) M14 G2 A1 Y2 R1 1.192′
Stoilov is Akademija Pandev’s best player besides Ljupcho Doriev. Gjorgi plays mostly in defensive midfield, but has also good offensive skills. As a younger player he had a more offensive role, but recently he turned probably into the leagues best defensive midfielder. Furthermore, last month he was rewarded with his debut for the Macedonian senior national team.

Macedonia Armend Alimi (Shkendija) M16 G6 A3 Y3 R0 1.388′
Lately Alimi turned 32-years-old, but Armend is still one of the best midfielders in the league. Shkendija had a disappointing half-season and Alimi was not on his best level, but nevertheless good enough to deserve a spot in the team of the half-season.

Croatia Nikola Prelčec (Borec) M17 G8 A1 Y2 R0 1.485′
The Croatian international was signed by Borec in August and Prelčec turned directly into his team’s most important player. He played at various positions in the offense and was very active throughout the whole period.

Macedonia Daniel Avramovski (Vardar) M18 G9 A6 Y5 R0 1.600′
Avramovski was not just his teams most important player during the last months, he was also the leagues best player of the half-season. The 24-years-old player was rated as a big talent since he was a teenager, but because of various reasons he wasn’t able to fulfill the expectations. His great ball control and creativity are obvious, but on top Daniel this time was also able to have great stats with nine goals and six assists. Lately he was rewarded with a call-up to the senior national team.

Brazil Sérgio Antonio da Luiz Junior (Shkupi) M17 G4 A3 Y5 R0 1.507′
The Brazilian forward is probably Shkupi’s most important player. Normally he plays on the left wing and his stats are not very impressive, but Serginho is also a kind of creator of his teams game. Especially in difficult situations he is the one who takes the ball and shoulders the responsibility.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Marin Jurina (Shkupi) M16 G8 A1 Y2 R1 1.394′
Jurina is a real center-forward, strong and assertive in the box. Marin was a force for Shkupi and helped his team to stay in the race for an international spot.


GK Macedonia Kostadin Zahov (Shkendija) M17 GC11 CS8 Y1 R0 1.530′
Kostadin is for years one of the best goalies of the Macedonian top flight. An agile goalkeeper with good reflexes and additionally strong with the ball on the feet.

GK Serbia Dušan Čubraković (Akademija Pandev) M18 GC15 CS9 Y1 R0 1.620′
The Serbian international is insecure in some situations, especially with high balls, but has good reflexes which help him to stop a lot of shots.

CB Macedonia Egzon Bejtulai (Shkendija) M15 G1 A0 Y5 R0 1.272′
After Visar Musliu left Shkendija it was Bejtulai who had to lead the defense. It was harder for Egzon without his former teammate, but Bejtulai was able to play a good half-season.

CB Serbia Mario Maslać (Akademija Pandev) M17 G1 A0 Y6 R0 1.530′
Mario is a hard defender who acts without mercy. The central back from Serbia was one his clubs best players during the last months, unfortunately he will move back to his home country as this month he signed a deal with Radnički from Niš, a team that competes in Serbia’s top tier.

RB Macedonia Mevlan Murati (Shkendija) M17 G0 A1 Y3 R1 1.487′
Murati is an underestimated player. The right-back is always there with good performances and deserved a spot on the bench in our team.

LB Albania Gledi Mici (Shkendija) M16 G1 A2 Y3 R0 1.440′
Not as effective in the offense like last season, Mici was still an important part of Shkendija’s team. There was a lot of competition for the place as the reserve LB, players like Fernandinho, Herrera and Ndong were also in the race, but eventually we decided to put there Mici.

DM Macedonia Filip Najdovski (Vardar) M15 G1 A0 Y5 R0 1.321′
Najdovski is a defensive midfielder that plays without compromises. Strong in the defense he also helped out as a central back. His performances in midfield were an important part of Vardar’s overall good defensive game.

DM Macedonia Filip Duranski (Sileks) M17 G1 A1 Y7 R0 1.455′
Sileks was one of the clubs that were mentioned talking about relegation to the second tier, but the team surprised and one of the main reasons was their captain Duranski. The midfielder is his teams best player, at the same time important for their offensive and defensive game.

AM Macedonia Bobi Bozhinovski (Makedonija GjP) M18 G6 A3 Y4 R0 1.490′
In two months Bobi will turn 39, he is the oldest active player in the Macedonian first league, nevertheless he is there to impress with good stats and clever game. A phenomenon who is a leader and captain of his team.

W Macedonia Ljupcho Doriev (Akademija Pandev) M12 G3 A2 Y3 R0 845′
Due to an injury early in the game of the 12th round in Veles Doriev was stopped from contributing more. Ljupcho is a permanent danger for the opponents defense due to his speed and agility. Hopefully he will be back healthy for the second part of the season, he is an attraction of Macedonia’s top tier.

W Brazil Stênio Marcos da Fonseca Salazar Júnior (Shkendija) M17 G4 A4 Y7 R0 1.155′
The Brazilian allrounder started slowly in the season, but became more dangerous towards the end of the half-season. Stênio Júnior is a team player without a big weakness who can play on different positions, always there to help his team.

CF Macedonia Remzifaik Selmani (Renova) M17 G7 A1 Y3 R0 1.433′
Remzifaik returned last summer to Renova after changing several clubs. It seems it was the right move as Selmani raised his shape and helped his team with important goals.

Legend: M – matches; GC – goals conceded; CS – clean sheets; G – goals; A – assists; Y – yellow cards; R – red cards.

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