Todorovski wants to play for Macedonia

Aleksandar TodorovskiSerbian born footballer Aleksandar Todorovski declared that he wants to be part of the Macedonian national football team.

For the daily paper Sport Press, the right back said that he is delighted of the chance to play for Macedonia: “I really wish to play for Macedonia and if the national team coach Mirsad Jonuz asks me, I will help the team in the next qualifications. My family is from Macedonia and that’s why I appreciate this interest. I will continue to give my best for my team and if the coach decides to call me I will be there. Honestly, I hope and I believe that I will get a call and if I will, I will give my best.”
Aleksandar Todorovski is born on the 26th of February 1984 in Kraljevo, Serbia of Macedonian origin. He started his career in Radnički from Belgrade and has also played for three Cypriot teams: APOEL, Digenis and AEL. Today he is back in Belgrade playing for Serbian SuperLiga side Rad.
Macedonian natonal teanm coach, Mirsad Jonuz, is also looking forward to test Todorovski. “I’ve put an eye on him for a while and I’ve seen that he is a very talented player. He has quality and potential and in the next period I will scan him more deeply. I talk to him and he told me that he wants to play for Macedonia. Now it’s all up to him.” – said Mirsad Jonuz for the Sport Press newpaper.


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