Radeski out for the rest of 2018

Bad news for Marjan Radeski, his club Shkendija and the national team. His knee injury is so serious that he will immediately undergo a surgical intervention and will have to recover for at least six months.

photo by KF Shkendija: Radeski is being taken off the field in Wales


The winger got injured in the stoppage time of the Champions League return leg match against The New Saints. He came in from the bench on half-time to help the team who was in desperate situation after being 3:0 down in the first 45 minutes. His injury looked very bad and now the results of the medical examination confirmed the worst.

Radeski has a rupture of the cruciate knee ligaments of the right leg. Such injury needs a surgical intervention and a longer period of rehabilitation. For the 23-year-old winger the first half season in all competitions has already finished. The prognostic is that he will need at least 6 months of recovery if everything goes well, if not maybe even up to 9 months he will be sidelined.

That means that he will miss the entire Nations League group qualifying matches, giving national team coach Angelovski a large headache.

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