Macedonian 1st League – Round 21

Pelister - VardarAfter 10 years, Pelsiter managed to win over Vardar in the most famous Macedonia derby on the stadium under Tumbe Kafe and took over the 3rd position in the Macedonian First League after 21 played rounds.

Pelister – Vardar 2:1
Todorovski 44' Elmazovski 70' – Bajevski(p) 35'
After whole 10 years Pelister managed to win over Vardar. The hosts supported by their over 5000 fans, started the match with huge motivation for a win. They had the first chance to score in the 5th minute from a penaly kick, but Jorde Georgievski managed to save Dejan Blazevski's kick. 30 minutes later, Aleksandar Bajevski from a penalty kick, scored his first goal for Vardar, but it took less then 10 minutes for Pelister to equalize the score with the goal by Goce Todorovski. In the 2nd half Ilir Elmazovski scored a dubious goal from a free kick. That goal brought huge protests by Vardar's players but after a short break the match continued. Towards the end of the match Vardar unsuccessfully tried to threaten on Pelister's goal, but the hosts also had some serious chances that didn't end with a goal.


Rabotnicki – Bashkimi 1:0
Jancevski 50'
Rabotnicki won the 3 points against Bashkimi, harder then expected. The hosts had the control of the match, but Bashkimi's defenders closed all the ways to their goal so no serious chances were created in the first half. In the 50th minute Boban Jancevski with a nice header scored his first goal for Rabotnicki. The match had a lot of breaks and nervous moments because of the hard fouls. Towards the end of the match, Rabotnicki left with 9 players after Stanisic in the 78th and Demiri in the 83rd minute were sent-off. Bashkimi tried to use the chance and score an equalizer with 2 players more, but Rabotnicki successfully kept the score until the final whistle.

Milano – Makedonija GP 5:0
Gligorovski 7' 69' Manevski 30' 45' Alomerovic 75'
Milano confirmed their good form at home, while Makedonija continued with their disastrous performances away from Gjorce Petrov. Milano completely dominated in the 90 minutes and Ivica Gligorovski and Borce Manevski score twice and the last goal was scored by Kemal Alomerovic.

Napredok – Renova 3:1
Stankovic(og) 3' Angeleski 23' Ibraimi 78' – Andonov 11'
Napredok and Renova played a very interesting match with 4 goals and incredible 12 yellow cards and 2 red cards. Zvonimir Stankovic scored an own goal on the beginning of the match and took Napredok into lead. Marjan Andonov quickly equalize, but the hosts took the control and secured the win with the goals by Pero Angeleski and Besart Ibraimi. The referee Zoran Boskov played big role on this match with showing 12 yellow cards and red cards to Stankovic for Renova and Naumovski for Napredok.

Sileks – Cementarnica 2:0
Natkov(p) 37' Divjak 52'
Sileks confirmed the complete domination of the hosts in this round of the Macedonian First League. The hosts took the lead with the goal by Mirce Natkov from penalty and confirmed the win in the second half with Divjak's goal. Cementarnica then tried to attack but they did that unsuccessfully, so Sileks won the important 3 points for escaping the Play-out zone.

Shkendija – Pobeda
The match is postponed because the visitors had problems with their bus on the way to Tetovo and didn't arrive on the stadium.

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